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Persian Panache was founded over 15 years ago by Arian Rahimi, a master carpet maker. Arian was born, raised and educated close to Tabriz, in the northwest of Iran. Tabriz locals are known throughout the world to be the masters of fine, silk antique repairs. Decorative carpeting is deeply embedded in Persian culture, and as such, Arian was raised with a deep appreciation for, and knowledge of this Middle Eastern tradition. 
In his youth he acquired the skills of handcrafting carpets and performing intricate reconstruction and repairs on highly valuable antiques. Arian’s close-knit family placed a premium on teaching their children the skill and art of carpet-weaving, and as such, this is his passion, and in his blood.

Arian arrived in South African in 2005, keen to experience the nation’s culture while promoting his love for Persian art, decor and business. He initially worked in his brother’s Persian carpet establishment, specialising in carpet cleaning and repairs.

2 years later, with support from his family, he was able to become fully independent and founded Persian Panache. 

Persian Panache has now been trading successfully for some 15 years and has grown from strength to strength. Arian has built up a loyal and satisfied clientele, who appreciate his depth of knowledge and his obvious passion. Buying from Persian Panache is more than a transaction; it is a taste of Persian culture and heritage.

Because of Arian’s passion, he seeks excellence and fairness in all of his business dealings.


Arian’s background is what sets us apart from other carpet companies in South Africa. Get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more about Arian’s Persian background in carpet craftsmanship. Otherwise, leave us a message along with your details and we’ll be in touch soon.

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