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Persian Panache is a family business, founded by Iranian born-and-bred Arian Rahimi. Arian was born in Tabriz, in the north west of Iran. Tabriz is the 4th largest city in the country, with an estimated population of 1.4 million people. Decorative carpeting is deeply imbedded in persian culture, and as such, Arian was raised with a deep appreciation for, and knowledge of this middle eastern tradition. In his youth he acquired the skills of hand-crafting carpets, and performing intricate reconstruction and repairs to highly valuable antiques.

It is this profound skill which he believes sets his business apart from other Iranian nationals looking to sell their wares in foreign countries. Arian’s close-knit family place a premium on educating their children from the grassroots level of carpetry – beginning with the rare ability to repair antiques. Tabriz locals are known throughout the world to be the masters of fine, silk antique repairs.

Arian arrived in South African in 2001, keen to experience South African culture, whilst promoting his love for persian art, decor and business. He initially worked within his brother’s persian carpet establishment, doing cleaning and repairs, while he sought to master the english language sufficiently. 2 years later, supported by his family, he was able to branch out into independent business, focussing on carpet sales, interior design, valuations, cleaning and repairs.​

This carpet was a British family heirloom, and, as such, was inherited by an elderly british lady, resident in South Africa.

She presented it to arian for cleaning, who, owing to his astute skill, discerned that previous damage had been “repaired” by cutting the original, and attaching part of a different carpet in its place.

This picture shows him meticulously rebuilding and reweaving, to restore the fine, invaluable antique to its former glory.

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